DS&AI Project Specific Goals

Master's curriculum in Data Science and AI (DS&AI)

DS&AI partners from Asia, by working with the European partners, will develop a Master’s program in DS&AI that is truly national in scope. The MS in Data Science and AI (DS&AI) is an intensive full-time Master degree program aiming to give students a strong base in the computational and mathematical foundations of data science and artificial intelligence as well as to give ample opportunities to explore and specialize in various application areas. Master's curriculum in DS&AI will be launched between August 2020 and January 2021 and it is is supported by Erasmus+.

Study visits to Europe

3 academic professionals from each Asian HEI will travel to Europe to witness first-hand the teaching process, course and lab setup and other operational issues of the relevant MSc degrees offered in LEU and AUEB.

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Study visits to Asia

3 study visits will be organized in each of the Asian partner countries with the purpose of training the academic personnel for one week and prepare them for the delivery of the programme. The 3 study visits will also be addressed to administrative staff.

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Virtual Learning Environment

The scope of the DS&AI Virtual learning Environment (VLE) is to create an e-learning platform which will allow the collaborative interaction between the academic staff from all partners through learning and assessment activities.

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Data Science Laboratories

"Data Science Laboratories" will be established in the participating Asian universities to be used for the delivery of the DS&AI MSc programme and for research and networking purposes during and after the project.

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