Data science (DS) is concerned with the extraction of useful knowledge from large, complex data sets. Today, career opportunities for data scientists are extremely varied, with increasing demand, in Asia and internationally, for skilled analysts who understand all the links in the chain of processing, analysing, and extracting knowledge from big data. Artificial intelligence (AI) is an even broader field about the automation or simulation of human intelligence. AI has 2 primary levels.

A survey found that approximately half of executives across geographies and industries reported greater difficulty recruiting analytical talent than filling any other kind of role. Data scientists, in particular, are in high demand. The people who design, develop, deploy and train AI technology are in short supply even in global AI hubs. The shortage is even more acute in the ASEAN region.

The trends indicate that the development of appropriate educational programs to build skills in data science and AI that bring European experts together with Asian experts will contribute to regional success in the race to transform national economies from commodity-based to knowledge-based economies.

Main Aim

Curriculum Development in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (DS& AI) is an Erasmus + KA2 Project - Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education.

The DS&AI project aims to create a new MSc programme in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in Asia. The DS&AI project focuses on MSc’s level training, providing advanced courses and guidance in developing research skills necessary to develop innovative new data-driven technologies.

DS&AI aims to generate highly-skilled Data Scientists and other relevant experts that will reinforce the regional ICT industry that is in dire need of them.

Continuous interaction between the academic sector and the ICT industry will ensure that the developed curricula will have the right balance between theory and real practical skills. Professional training courses and a prototype certification will be developed to complement the MSc and address the immediate upskilling and needs of the sector’s personnel in the areas around the Asian HEIs thus ensuring a more immediate impact. Moreover, the MSc programmes will require students to complete short internships in regional companies so as to acquire the necessary practical skills/experience and at the same time improving their employability prospects.

Data Science Laboratories (DSLs) will be established in the participating universities will promote data science and artificial intelligence.


The specific objectives of DS&AI are:

  1. To develop new specialized curricula and an innovative MSc programme on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence thus helping build the capacity of the Asian partner countries’(PC) HEIs, improve the level of competences and skills offered, and address the existing absence of a similar programme.
  2. Promote cooperation, exchange of know-how and good practices in Αsia between EU and PC HEIs.
  3. Establish viable synergies and links with the regional IT Industry in order to address their needs in specialized personnel in DS&AI, training needs and enhance the employability of DS&AI graduates.